About Us

JB Merchandising Inc.--High quality office supplies at the lowest prices!


Company Background

JB Merchandising Inc. (JBM) is a leading wholesaler and distributor of paper products, school supplies, office supplies, and general merchandise in the Philippines. With thousands of products in our portfolio, we are able to supply solutions to customers nationwide. We understand that in today’s competitive business environment, relationships play an increasingly important role. To build long-lasting partnerships, we always strive to provide honest, convenient, and prompt service.

With these three service qualities, we have grown a lot from our humble beginnings selling general merchandise to provinces. We are now one of the leading wholesale suppliers of paper products and office supplies. We have also developed our own line of paper products through strategic alliances with local suppliers. To date, our in-house products include bond papers, copy papers, newsprint, kraft papers, crepe papers, writing pads, document envelopes, file folders, and many more. We also distribute brand-name items such as Double A copy paper, Yoken Japan markers, Mongol pencils, and many others.



– We are to constantly provide value-added service to our customers by continuously developing our products, refining our system processes, and most importantly, adhering to a high standard of service.

– We also strive to create a productive work environment for our employees by promoting teamwork and encouraging an open line of communication between all existing levels of the company.

– We also work for a deep sense of partnership with our suppliers that can only be brought by mutual respect and adherence to proper business ethics.



“We aim to have the largest wholesale and retail distribution network in the Philippines.”